Bulbar Poliomyelitis

I would like to ask about the comprehension difficulties. I recall now that when I became upset I thoud not pay attention to what was going on. If I had physical education before a math class I did terrible because I was tired and could not concentrate. Other classes, I did good but never after Gym. If I was in a rush, did not have time to rest I did poorly in tests. Does this fit into the Bulbar Polio symptoms? When second phase of polio came about my neck hurt for a long time, I could hardly move it. I lost my vocal cords on one side I found out. The pain that severe left as quickly as it came. Though still have pain at times but not like that. Cannot put my head on a pillow at night, have to lay on side always. Feels like I am against spikes or blocks of concrete. Would like to know what you might think.

by User85015

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Were you diagnosed with polio?

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