Methanol Poisoning

I have been so sick since this last august and still now. i have seen the best doctors and nobody can figure out why. I work at a imaging facility and of course i know which test to get done depending on my symptoms so i as i got severe digestive issues out of the blue, i start getting exams done to rule out , an ulcer, hiatal hernia, cancer, Crohns disease etc. then i thought i must need new glasses due to my headaches and blurred vision, and so many other symptoms. I did not need new glasses, in fact my headaches are worse , my eyes can not tolerate bright lights and sometimes they hurt so much, and not sure what triggers for my eyes, head and spine to hurt a lot at the same time. many labs have not been normal and i feel like i am dying and scared to lose my vision. It seems to usually , but not always, get worse at a certain time at work. I feel like it could be the AC vent that i sit next to, either at work or the restaurant next door also has their fish smell coming in so maybe some type of gas or chemicals is coming in. i asked a doctor to check for vitamin deficiencies and minerals, toxins and i had dangerous levels of something called methyl tert butyl ether and wondered if this is similar and also toxic level of tin. I am so confused how this is possible, i don't eat out of tin cans. There is also a evil jealous girl there that after she gets me food , i get really sick and now am thinking maybe she is giving me tiny amounts of this. I didn't mention this to any doctor cause it sounds crazy but my endocrinologist asked me the other day if there was anyway i could be exposed to carbon monoxide at home or in an old etc. something with my labs made him think of that. i know my anion gap was below average recently and that's actually the first time i even heard of that. i have lost so much weight and muscle so fast and i am so weak and get winded easily and i was a fitness model so this is very strange. .I also get this metallic taste in my mouth and then the pains gets worse. When this happens my spine feels inflamed or something making it hard to walk and my eyes hurt that the right one feels like it will pop out. Please advise

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