Legionella Meningoencephalitis

I am a 36 year old male and I have approximately one year ago travel to Killington Vermont to the Cortina in which had two cases of Legionella outbreak one in 1987 and one in 2001 and I'm curious as to know the symptoms treatment and harm it can do to others if left untreated. I had hepatitis C while I was there and my body heals itself up at twice since then and I have other characteristics similar to that of Legionnaires disease developing. I also have herpes and besides those minor ailments I have neck pain full audit Ori and visual hallucinations all day long and negativity seems to make it worse. These voices range from kids I grew up with voices of exes to bosses I've worked with and everything in between some seem to like me and some do not. Some want me dead and some seem to give me enlightenment. If you could give me send me information on this I would be glad to hear back from you.

by User89857

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Hello, did you already seek help for your hallucinations? Are you currently receiving any treatment?

by Guest


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